Metrology & Validation


Temperature and humidity, Volume Calibration, Particle Counter Calibration, Length pressure calibration..

Humidity Calibrator

Even though ROTRONIC probes have excellent long term stability, we recommend that they have their calibration checked regularly.

PMS Particle Counter

The PMS particle counter sets the new standard for aerosol particle counters.



DOP SOLUTIONS’ PHOTOMETERS have been testing manufactured and installed HEPA and ULPA filters around the world for 25 years

Water Fogger for Airfllow Mapping

According to the relevant standard ISO 14644 part 3 Annex B7 the operators of cleanrooms are obliged to give periodic evidence of the actual air Flow...

Bioquell L-4 Fumigation Solution

Multi-purpose hydrogen peroxide (HP) vapor generator for enclosures including pass through chambers and isolators Optional room distribution head and...

ATI 110P Automatic Filter Tester

The TDA-110P Automatic Filter Tester is a state-of-the-art system for testing medium-flow air filters up to 400 cubic feet per minute (CFM). The...

Thermal Validation XpertLog Data Loggers and

Lives International is dedicated to meeting the globally thermal validation needs of pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

Bolometer Capture Hood Swema Flow 4000

Measures airflow directly in l/s, m3/h or cfm (when set to US units) Swema Flow 4000 calculates the average value of the airflow during 2 seconds.