Thermal Analysis


Glass transition, compositional analysis and mechanical properties.

DSC - Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) measures enthalpy changes in samples due to changes in their physical and chemical properties as a function...

Flash DSC - Flash Differential Scanning Calorimeter

The Flash DSC revolutionizes rapid-scanning DSC. The instrument can analyze reorganization processes that were previously impossible to measure.

TMA - Thermomechanical Analyzer

Thermo mechanical analysis (TMA) is used to measure the dimensional changes of a material as a function of temperature.

DMA - Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer

Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) is used to measure the mechanical and viscoelastic properties of materials as a function of temperature, time and...

Excellence Melting Point Systems

You are definitely on the safe side with the innovative Melting Point Systems. Determine the melting point and melting range very accurately.